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October 3, 2007

Blind Faith

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Recently I have had many conversations about faith.  There are many who do not understand what faith is.  So i’m going to explain faith in my own words and i’ll use scripture and a few of my favorite quotes too. 

Faith is something you have in your heart, something you can only feel.  You can not see it, touch it, smell it.  You cannot PROVE it. 

 I think women have a deeper understanding of faith.  Men use logic and reason.  Women tend to follow their heart and go with what feels right. 

My bible dictionary defines faith as

  ‘Faith is to hope for things which are not seen, but which are true (Heb. 11: 1; Alma 32: 21), and must be centered in Jesus Christ in order to produce salvation. To have faith is to have confidence in something or someone. The Lord has revealed himself and his perfect character, possessing in their fulness all the attributes of love, knowledge, justice, mercy, unchangeableness, power, and every other needful thing, so as to enable the mind of man to place confidence in him without reservation. Faith is kindled by hearing the testimony of those who have faith (Rom. 10: 14-17). Miracles do not produce faith but strong faith is developed by obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ; in other words, faith comes by righteousness, although miracles often confirm one’s faith.

Faith is a principle of action and of power, and by it one can command the elements and/or heal the sick, or influence any number of circumstances when occasion warrants (Jacob 4: 4-7). Even more important, by faith one obtains a remission of sins and eventually can stand in the presence of God.

All true faith must be based upon correct knowledge or it cannot produce the desired results. Faith in Jesus Christ is the first principle of the gospel and is more than belief, since true faith always moves its possessor to some kind of physical and mental action; it carries an assurance of the fulfillment of the things hoped for. A lack of faith leads one to despair, which comes because of iniquity.

Although faith is a gift, it must be cultured and sought after until it grows from a tiny seed to a great tree. The effects of true faith in Jesus Christ include1 an actual knowledge that the course of life one is pursuing is acceptable to the Lord (see Heb. 11: 4);2 a reception of the blessings of the Lord that are available to man in this life; and3 an assurance of personal salvation in the world to come. These things involve individual and personal testimony, guidance, revelation, and spiritual knowledge. Where there is true faith there are miracles, visions, dreams, healings, and all the gifts of God that he gives to his saints. Jesus pointed out some obstacles to faith in John 5: 44 and John 12: 39-42 (cf. James 1: 6-8).

The most complete and systematic exposition on faith is the Lectures on Faith, prepared for and delivered in the School of the Prophets in Kirtland, Ohio, in 1832. Other references to faith include JST Gen. 14: 26-36; Rom. 10: 14-17; 2 Cor. 5: 7; Eph. 2: 8-9; Heb. 11: 1-40; James 2: 14-26; 1 Pet. 1: 8-9; Enos 1: 6-8; Alma 32; Moro. 10: 11; D&C 46: 13-16.”  (also here is a link to the bible dictionary, it is so useful!)

I am so grateful that I have been given the gift of faith!  I feel it, I know it and my heart is happy and full! 

My favorite quote about faith is from LDS nuggets:

“Truly understood and properly practiced, faith is one of the grand and glorious powers of eternity. It is a force powerful beyond our comprehension. “Through faith … the worlds were framed by the word of God.” Through faith, waters are parted, the sick healed, the wicked silenced, and salvation made possible.
Our faith is the foundation upon which all our spiritual lives rest. It should be the most important resource of our lives. Faith is not so much something we believe; faith is something we live.”

–Joseph B. Wirthlin, “Shall He Find Faith on the Earth?“, Ensign November 2002, 82

To subscribe to LDS nuggets go to this link

So, what is faith to you???????  Do you have faith???? 



  1. “I think women have a deeper understanding of faith. Men use logic and reason. Women tend to follow their heart and go with what feels right.”

    I can accept that if it means I don’t have to give birth. HA!

    Seriously though, interesting post. Even as a non-Mormon I found much to agree with.

    Comment by totaltransformation — October 5, 2007 @ 3:07 pm |Reply

  2. Faith for me is something so deep and so personal that when I am asked to defend it it is as if I have been asked to defend my child from an intruder or a speeding car headed straight towards them.

    It took me 21 years to define my faith, embrace it, and apply it to my life. As “Totaltransformation” said I followed my heart and it felt right. However there was months of praying, and reading before that “right feeling” occured. I think the praying and reading goes right along with the logic and reasoning.

    When I married my husband he was FAR from active in the LDS Church. Converting wasn’t even a thought for me. But then I became pregnant and religion came to the top of the priority list (for me). I was raised Lutheran and wanted the hubs to go to Church with me. He came. But something was missing for him and for me. It was the first time I realized that one ELCA Lutheran Church wasn’t like all the others. It was very confusing to think that my religion believed one way only to discover that nope… it was just that particular congregation or region that thought that way. That was hard for me to grasp.

    Long story short I called the missionaries to come and talk to me about the LDS Church. The Hubs was not invited! I wanted to make sure everyones stories matched. What I found instead was that there were no “stories” Only requests for me to do my own research using Prayers, the Book of Mormon, and the Bible. No pressure, no forcing of thoughts upon me, just me studying and conversing with my Father in Heaven.

    I made the most important decision in my life that year, a decision I will never regret. And my husband remembered why he loved being LDS again. I struggled to find my faith and my husband remembered where he had hidden the key to un-lock his again.

    Your post was great I love the nuggets.

    Comment by rowdyrodi — October 6, 2007 @ 12:16 pm |Reply

  3. Total transformation.
    Thanks for commenting, I’m glad you liked the post! I was hoping not to offend the men out there 🙂


    What a beautiful story. I can completly relate! I was raised Lutheran too! I’m so happy for you and your husband and your kids, the gospel changes lives!

    Comment by steffielynn — October 6, 2007 @ 1:28 pm |Reply

  4. Steffie

    I just want to pick up on the “Lectures on Faith, prepared for and delivered in the School of the Prophets in Kirtland,”

    In Lecture 5 they taught

    1The Father is a personage of Spirit
    2 The Son is a personage of tabernacle
    3 Two persons in the Godhead
    4 the Holy Ghost is the mind of God ..

    It wasn’t until many years later that the teaching of the tangible bodied Father came in ..

    The Church still tries to say that Joseph saw Two embodied beings , but he didn’t know/believe that God had a body at the time of his supposed vision .He developed this doctrine many years later ..


    You say you have faith through feelings , which is understandable .. But what is your faith

    Is it in a Jesus Christ who visited the Americas literally ?

    Do you have Faith that Jaredite , Nephite and Lamenite civilisations actually existed and fought on Hill Cumorah with fatalities numbering 2.23 million at least … as written in the BofM ?

    The Lutheran church isn’t getting much credibilty from what I hear , what do they teach ther hellfire and brimstone ? lol

    In all my years as a catholic we were never taught that non catholics went to hell or anything .. My Priest told me that non catholics would be judged as sincere on their own merits and that we should focus on ourselves being on the straight and narow…. I learnt that Jews were ok too in their belief as their was a provison for them to be grafted in later on as the chosen people … its in Romans somewhere..

    It was only when I met JW’s that threatening other religions as defect became an issue ….

    These alternative religions have been an eye opener… lol

    Comment by Elder Joseph — October 6, 2007 @ 7:24 pm |Reply

  5. I don’t mean to say anything bad about the Lutheran church. It was a nice church and I spent most my life in it. It was not the church that said others would burn in hell, it was my Lutheran parents. My Uncle is a Lutheran Pastor and he also said I will burn in Hell but I think that is HIS opinion only.

    The Lutheran church is actually a break off of the Catholic church and it has a lot of similar teachings and ceremony’s, minus confession and the hale Mary’s. Martin Luther is the founder, and from what I understand a good man. Here is a link that you can look at that will tell you a few more facts.

    Comment by steffielynn — October 7, 2007 @ 3:51 pm |Reply

  6. Steffie,

    Have you ever wondered why Martin Luther wasn’t charged to bring in the new dispensation? He was a sincere man that had conflicts with the Catholic church due to its corruption of the faith. Seems like a likely candidate to me.

    Comment by Bishop Rick — October 8, 2007 @ 5:07 pm |Reply

  7. I did wonder about that. But what I have discovered is that he paved the way for the restoration. He was a key person, It just wasn’t the right time. You’ll find a lot of people in the church will mention him, I believe Elder Jeffrey R. Holland mentioned him in his talk on Saturday. (It was my favorite talk, i’ve listened to it 3 times already!)

    Comment by steffielynn — October 8, 2007 @ 5:17 pm |Reply

  8. Steffie

    Don’t you thin Luther paved the way For Jehovahs Witnesses , Moonies and countless others too by putting a bible into their hands as well ?

    How come Jesus started a church in Palestine which was doomed to fail ?

    Why start one in the Americas which was doomed to fail as well ?

    When did the apostasy set in ? I can never get a rough date or time in history from my missionaries …

    Comment by Elder Joseph — October 8, 2007 @ 10:15 pm |Reply

  9. EJ,

    If I were to pin down the apostasy to a specific date, it would be the first council of Nicea in 325 AD. That is when the Catholic church officially parted ways with the Gnostics, and the trinity was accepted as doctrine, etc. It was also around this time that the Sabbath was switched to Sunday from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. It didn’t happen at this council, but was the same time period.

    Comment by Bishop Rick — October 8, 2007 @ 10:32 pm |Reply

  10. I too have wondered about the time the Gospel has been on the earth. If we go by the LDS take on things, the true gospel of Christ has only been on the earth for about 250 years out of a possible 2000. 500 if you say the Gospel was still fully intact at the council of Nicea.

    It does seem like a lot of work for such a small amount of results. Not to be irreverent, but I would get fired from my job with that type of result.

    Comment by Bishop Rick — October 8, 2007 @ 10:38 pm |Reply

  11. Luther paved the way for the gospel to be restored for everyone. I think the true gospel has been on the earth since Adam and eve. Christ came to fulfill all righteousness. It fell into apostasy when the apostles were killed off. Have you heard the broken mirror analogy? Christ and His church are like a mirror, when Christ died and soon after His apostles, the mirror (the church) was broken. There were good people who wanted to carry on the church, but authority was lost so these people took peices of the gospel (the shattered mirror) and did their best from what they knew. But no one had ALL the pieces. Then as we know in the 1800’s The Lord restored the fullness to Joseph, and now the mirror is in on piece.

    I probably explained that wrong, I’ll look for the correct analogy.

    I think the Apostasy came about because the people denied Christ. I need to find out for sure, I’ll study up on it!

    Comment by steffielynn — October 9, 2007 @ 1:08 am |Reply

  12. Where is Jay???? I bet he knows!

    Comment by steffielynn — October 9, 2007 @ 1:10 am |Reply

  13. The apostacy happened because Constantine needed to shape christianity in a way that would make it palatable to pagans. That is why christmas is on Dec. 25, why Catholics have statues, why saints exist, etc. etc. It was all to attract pagans to christianity.

    Comment by Bishop Rick — October 9, 2007 @ 5:39 am |Reply

  14. The problem is we don’t have the Church of God of Latter Day Saints, we have the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This has only been around for a few hundred years. If we are in the last days, that means it won’t be around much longer either. Just doesn’t make sense that it is only around with full authority for 1 generation then for a few hundred years and its all over. Not much chance of very many people to accept/reject it. Percentage wise, the number is so low, that we may as well all just been exposed to it in the afterlife. The overwhelming majority will only have the opportunity then anyway. Just not a very good plan to me.

    What will all the Christians say in 1000 years when Jesus still hasn’t returned? Will that become the new latter days?

    Comment by Bishop Rick — October 9, 2007 @ 5:45 am |Reply

  15. steffie

    What level of gospel has been on the earth since Adam and Eve , because paul says in

    Ephesians Chapter 3 says

    3How that by revelation he made known unto me the mystery; (as I wrote afore in few words,
    4Whereby, when ye read, ye may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ)
    5Which in other ages was not made known unto the sons of men, as it is now revealed unto his holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit;
    6That the Gentiles should be fellowheirs, and of the same body, and partakers of his promise in Christ by the gospel:

    He speaks about the mystery of Christ with the bringing in of the gentiles not made known in other ages but until after christs death …. what makes you think everything was known somehow or revealed in the beginning to man ? The Jews didn’t know that gentiles would be brought in ?

    The Old Testament only gives prophetic glimpses of the messiah to come ….

    Abrahams promised Seed as the dust of the earth was Jesus Christ and the believers through him ..

    ‘Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, “And to seeds”, as of many; but as of one, “And to thy seed, which is Christ”.’ (Gal. 3:16.)

    I think Brigham Young thought this meant lots of blood realted offspring physically perhaps ?

    This is just my thoughts .Iread POGP and thought it a bit simplisticand naive to suggest it was all known in ther beginning and somehow it was removed from the bible and joseph Smith rstored it .he was trying to force too much simplicity into something which the apostle paul called a great mystery about God..

    Comment by Elder Joseph — October 9, 2007 @ 10:04 pm |Reply

  16. Bishop Rick

    The trinity is not that bad .It just affirms what the bible teaches that

    the father Is God
    the son is God
    the holy spirit is God
    but not three gods because the bible teaches inly on true God !

    so God is these 3 personages ! simple really … Its very New testament/biblically inspired ..

    I’m not sure what you mean about the sabbath switching to Sunday because in the New testament it says the disciples met on the first day of the week to break bread which is Sunday .I think this is where we get our sunday as sacrament day from …. I think the sabbath as we know it ( judaism) was actually done away with ?

    I am aware that the LDS have enorced it more strictly… although members don’t really follow it to the letter ! lol Only as and when it suits them 🙂

    Comment by Elder Joseph — October 9, 2007 @ 10:18 pm |Reply

  17. I personally don’t have a problem with the Trinity. To me it is just an evangelical understanding of the Godhead. It is, however, considered to be one of the components of the apostacy by the LDS church. It was even mentioned in one of the General Conference talks on Saturday.

    The verse you are referring to regarding the Sabbath is Acts 20:7. It by no means states that Christians now meet on Sundays to honor the Sabbath. It merely states that on that occasion, when they gathered together, that it was Sunday. It doesn’t even state whether they were breaking bread (sacrament) or breaking bread (eating a meal). My impression is that they are gathering for a meal and while assembled, Paul takes to occasion to preach to them.

    This single vague scripture cannot be used to justify moving the Sabbath from Fri/Sat to Sunday, especially when it didn’t happen until the 3rd century AD anyway.

    Judaism still honors the Fri/Sat Sabbath.

    Comment by Bishop Rick — October 9, 2007 @ 11:16 pm |Reply

  18. Regarding the Gospel of Christ being preached to the Gentiles, not being known until after the atonement, Nephi knew about 600 years prior if you believe the BofM.

    Comment by Bishop Rick — October 9, 2007 @ 11:17 pm |Reply

  19. I disagree completely with your definition of faith. Faith without reason is blind and juvenile faith. We are called to have faith in something. Christian faith is not blind we have faith it what is to come (the unsee) based on what we have evidence for. We have more than enough evidence for the Bible to support our faith in heaven, and hell (sorry can’t have good without the bad). You are correct in saying that faith cannot be proved but that is only because the word proof is a scientific word. Science (at least now) deals with things in the natural world, religion deals with things in teh supernatural world. If science removed their supernatural bais, they too would be able to prove faith. However, faith CAN be proved other ways. For instance, when the apostles decided to be executed as opposed to denouncing Jesus as GOD, for instance. Faith has plenty of evidence for the truth of it. Unfortunately, many believe that those (apparently guys in your post) who demand proof are without faith. If the faith you are referring to does not require proof than I’ll pass. This is not the faith of the bible. In fact, if faith without reason was true, then God never would have given us the bible in the first place. In fact if blind faith was the necessary requirement for salvation, the best thing that could happen to Christians would be to find Jesus in the grave. If a Christian could still believe that Jesus was GOD, die and rose again after finding his grave, then that Christian would truly have faith. This of course would not be faith but delusion, as the evidence would point toward something other than that. As honestly as I can be I believe that the reason why the Mormon church hijacks the gospel is to show potential church members some semblance of evidence. The come the Book of Mormon with absolute zero divine proof and church members are told, “this is where faith comes in”. I am sorry, but one mans apparent testimony is NOT proof. Otherwise, I might as well consider David Koresh or Jim Jones, or the Dude from the Hail Bob Comet, or Mohomad, Buda, and all other false religions are truthful as well. ALL of these people are still in the ground and those that believe are forced to have blind faith in stark contrast to the evidence. Jesus is different. He came to earth, he said he was God, he proved he was God through signs and wonders, he was murdered because he said he was God and then he rose out of the grave where he was seen by 5000+ people. He then ascended into heaven where he remains until he come back for his believers.

    Now if Mormons have that kind of evidence, I would be glad to take a better look that the religion.


    Let me clear up a few things about Martin Luther. Martin was a Catholic priest who had some fundamental disagreements with the papacy (pope). The differences were significant enough where calling Luther’s teaching (where the Lutheran church came from) a break off of the Catholic church would be an understatement. Basically, Luther disagreed with the Pope of justification by faith alone. This is a huge divide and still is to this day. Protestants believe in Justification by Faith and Catholics do not. Luther made this truth clear when he nailed the 95 these to the door of the Whitenberg Church in Germany on October 31st 1517. Luther was an avid man of faith. It was not uncommon for him to spend weeks in straight in prayer without eating. He was so fearful of GOD that he was almost destructive to himself. In fact, his closest friends told him to cool it because they were fearful of his safety. You can read the rest on Wikipedia I’m sure. The thing that strikes me odd is that Luther seems to be ordained by GOD. He is the father of the protestant movement, translated the bible into the language of the common man (called the vernacular), and much more. Luther’s teaching led to the creation of the United States (Through the Protestant Movement’s desire to flee Church Persecution – though there is more to it than that). What strikes me odd is with all the earnest prayer that Luther did, never did God give Luther the apparent truth of Mormonism. Seems to me that either GOD is a deceiver or Mormonism is from man and not God.

    Comment by schooloffish — October 15, 2007 @ 11:39 pm |Reply

  20. Actually Luther did infact feel a restoration, not a reformation, needed to take place. There were MANY other people like him, they just didn’t survive. Without him the restoration may not have happened. Like I said we believe he was a very important part of what took place in the early 1800’s. things had to progress and evolve. His time was not the right time to bring in the fullness of the gospel.

    As far as faith goes. Well, I don’t know where you are getting faith without reason, I never said that. But. faith is most certainly not something you can prove! It is belief in someone unseen. You cannot prove Christ was the Son of God. Jewish folks and Muslim folk believe he existed, there are many who believe he existed, but you can not PROVE he was infact Gods Son.

    If you could PROVE that God existed there would be no atheism. Faith is what we have. Faith that there is a God. I don’t need proof to believe. Because, well I have faith.

    Mormons did not “highjack” the bible. we actually use the bible as much as the BOM. Both speak of Christ. Both testify of Him. The book of Mormon tells us that Christ came and taught His sheep of another fold, these people also saw Him and testify of him.

    anyways, I have faith, which is all the proof I need. I’ll post my conversion story so you will know what I am talking about!

    Comment by steffielynn — October 16, 2007 @ 3:45 am |Reply

  21. Jesus when speaking to Thomas said;

    “…Thomas because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” John 20:29

    Comment by steffielynn — October 16, 2007 @ 2:48 pm |Reply

  22. On Luther–the explanatory concept is Dispensation, Luther issued one in.
    And yes, he was an anti-semite and had many other problems.

    Study Church History and you will see why the Prophet Joseph could not have received his Revelations earlier without much more suffering and Genocide.

    Study 19th century Europe (1856-8) to understand the challenges of those years–there was a Prussian Genocide with all non-conformists expelled .

    My non-Mormon Ancestors came from Germany in those years as well–expelled
    as Catholics and Political Dissenters. Hitler’s Catastropic attempt to reunite Germany came from the dislocation
    of those years as well–evil from evil

    Comment by Kathleen — October 18, 2007 @ 1:48 pm |Reply

  23. steffie

    “…Thomas because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” John 20:29

    Yes he believed that Christ ressurected and not that mormon men can call girls as if they are crowns on their heads as wilford woodruff described them as , after sealing many dead single women women to himself on his 70th birthday…. total temple marriages of about 270 altogether .

    Does he really think he will be having sex with them all in CK to populate his own worlds ? I wouldn’t want him as my Heavenly Father .. God forbid .

    Comment by Elder Joseph — October 18, 2007 @ 3:28 pm |Reply

  24. Now EJ, I love you and all but you are going to far, and you know it, you are at the point of being disrespectful,

    you of all people I do not want to ban or delete!

    Comment by steffielynn — October 18, 2007 @ 3:40 pm |Reply

  25. stefie

    why can’t you face the issues of the mormon religion ?

    I’m telling the truth …

    I asked a simple question about Wilford Woodruff .

    You are always evading the real belief of mormonism .Why do you do that ?

    If you don’t like the reality of what these early men did and believed then thats not my problem , you have to deal with it ..

    You can ban me if you like … but
    I’m telling the truth about the Mormon Faith .

    I’ve been attending for two years and heard the meat !

    Comment by Elder Joseph — October 18, 2007 @ 4:00 pm |Reply

  26. I’m not going to ban you, I’m just threatening you so you will be nice.

    EJ You are asking questions I don’t know an answer to. And you know that. I am not questioning mormonism, you are. Please read this and listen to the song

    Comment by steffielynn — October 18, 2007 @ 4:07 pm |Reply

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