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April 17, 2009

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I’m not back, infact I think I may be done with the religious blogging thing. People out there are WAY too judgemental. It saddens me, and I want to be happy, not sad.

Although I keep growing and learning, the one thing I can say that has changed about me since becoming LDS is that I have become less judgemental. (before I didn’t even realize I was being judgemental) And since being on these blogs and dealing with very judgemental people I have become even LESS judgemental and more open minded. (I realize from ignorant hateful people, that being judgemental is just plain LAME). But on the positive side I have “met” many amazing wonderful people who have given me a whole new outlook. So there has been some good with the bad!

I just have to go with the strong feelings I have in my heart, which tell me that we have an amazing Father who loves us, that we are here on this earth to learn to love and to grow. I think we were meant to have wonderful happy experiences, and also experience sadness and heartbreak.

I believe God loves us all, no matter what religion we choose. None of us are going to REALLY understand or know until we are with Him. I mean really, He put us here and did not leave us with much to go on, we must live by our FAITH alone.

So I feel it is pointless to argue and bicker over who is MORE right and who is wrong. NONE of us know for certain.

I started this blog to HELP others find the peace and joy that I found. This is still my hope. Everyone deserves to feel and know that they have a Father who loves and adores them, and they are precious children. I hope that all who read this will find that peace and joy.

So now I am done with the arguing, at least on this blog. I feel like I need to focus my energies on other VERY important issues. Our Country needs strong, patriotic Americans to stand up for freedom and fight for our God given rights. Which is why I joined the Air Force Guard. (I tried to join the regular Air Force, but I’m too old!)

So I am off on a new, fun adventure. I’ll check in here once in a while. I plan on keeping this blog open so people can stop by and read all the old stuff if they choose.



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