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February 5, 2008

Me and Mitt!

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 Some awesome friends of mine know how much I love Mitt.  So they invited me to go to a breakfast where he would be attending, this morning.  Since my husband is here he was able to come too, which was really exciting.  (we never get to do cool stuff like this)  He liked Mitt, but he wasn’t as pumped as I was about him.  Well after listening to Mitt talk my husband is now a serious Mitt fan as well 🙂

At the end of his short talk he asked if anyone had any questions.  A few stood and asked him some questions, and then I raised my hand and he called on me!  It was so exciting, because I was in a room full of congressmen and women and senators, and me a lil house wife.  Anyways I did not have a question I just had a little story, and this is what I told him,

Five nights ago we had a huge storm roll in.  We had such strong winds that trees were knocked down.  I woke in the morning upset because I just knew my ‘Mitt Romney for President’ sign would be long gone.  So I went outside and my sons basketball hoop was knocked over, and so I walked to the front of the house and the little plastic Mitt sign was STILL THERE!  Now I am not calling this a miracle, but I definetley think it’s a sign  🙂

Anyways I was able to share that with him, and it was fun!  He is such a good guy.  I hope that America will realize (before it is too late)  that we need him to clean up this mess we are in.  If anyone can do it I believe he can! 


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