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February 5, 2008

Me and Mitt!

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 Some awesome friends of mine know how much I love Mitt.  So they invited me to go to a breakfast where he would be attending, this morning.  Since my husband is here he was able to come too, which was really exciting.  (we never get to do cool stuff like this)  He liked Mitt, but he wasn’t as pumped as I was about him.  Well after listening to Mitt talk my husband is now a serious Mitt fan as well 🙂

At the end of his short talk he asked if anyone had any questions.  A few stood and asked him some questions, and then I raised my hand and he called on me!  It was so exciting, because I was in a room full of congressmen and women and senators, and me a lil house wife.  Anyways I did not have a question I just had a little story, and this is what I told him,

Five nights ago we had a huge storm roll in.  We had such strong winds that trees were knocked down.  I woke in the morning upset because I just knew my ‘Mitt Romney for President’ sign would be long gone.  So I went outside and my sons basketball hoop was knocked over, and so I walked to the front of the house and the little plastic Mitt sign was STILL THERE!  Now I am not calling this a miracle, but I definetley think it’s a sign  🙂

Anyways I was able to share that with him, and it was fun!  He is such a good guy.  I hope that America will realize (before it is too late)  that we need him to clean up this mess we are in.  If anyone can do it I believe he can! 


January 7, 2008

Why Mormons ARE Christian, AND why I love them so stinkin much.

Let’s define Christian.  It’s simple, and so many people try to complicate it. 

A Christian is a believer and a follower of Jesus Christ.  A Christian is loving, kind, humble, charitable, or in other words Christ like. 

I have been having the most interesting (which is the nicest word I can come up with) conversation on another blog. 

There are a few good people on the blog, and then there are the most hateful folks I have ever encountered.  And I have met some pretty awful people.  They call themselves “Christian” and yet they lack the qualities of true Christians.  They twist LDS beliefs, and then when an LDS person comes to defend their faith they call us liars.   They judge, and then justify their actions by saying it’s ok to judge NON Christians. 

This is why I LOVE Mormons.  I have never heard hateful things about any other person or religion come from ANYBODY’S mouth.  They are the kindest most loving people I have ever met.  They even love those who hate them.  You Mormons out there are such amazing examples.  Thank you all for being so flippin wonderful. 

So many people try to bring up the “you joined because you felt accepted and they befriended you”.  Which is not true, I did not know ONE member when I joined.  I joined because I prayed, and my prayer was answered.  BUT, the LDS people have shown me a glimpse of My Heavenly Father, and His Son because of their loving examples!

The intent of these hateful people is to tear us down and deceive others.  But the only thing they have succeeded in, is reminding me how grateful I am for the Gospel, and how grateful I am for the awesome Mormons in my life, and those that I will meet in the future.

To all those who are hateful and judgemental, I feel so sorry for you, my heart goes out to you, I hope one day you open your heart and see the truth, and you will be blessed with happiness, peace, and love!

My love to you all!  YOU MORMONS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 6, 2007

Mitt Romney’s faith speech ROCKED

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Oh my gosh did you watch it?  It was inspiring !  It was everything I hoped it would be!  (and more) All I can say is that I had tears in my eyes, because I am Mormon and because I am an American!!!!!!!!

 Here is a link to read the speech and here is a link so you can watch it!,4670,RomneyText,00.html

So read and watch and tell me what you think!

December 2, 2007

WHO are you voting for and WHY?

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I’m curious to know who you like and who you don’t like.  It’s probably obvious that I LOVE Mitt Romney.  I was able to meet him last summer, and I think he is just great!!!  He has the morals and the strength that this country desperately needs!  (and he’s Mormon, what a plus!) 

 So lets discuss some politics!  This should be fun   🙂

November 12, 2007

Veterans Day

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To ALL who have served our country,

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 11, 2007

Rainbows or water falls…..

“You don’t have the power to make rainbows or waterfalls, sunsets or roses, but you do have the power to bless people by your words and smiles… You carry within you the power to make the world better…”
          –Sharon G. Larsen, “Standing with God,” Ensign, May 2000, 88

Mathew 25:40
Mosiah 2:17

Scatter Sunshine, Hymn # 230
Listen | Text | Interactive | About

What else needs to be said?

 Here is the link to LDS Nuggets

October 25, 2007

“Christ takes the slums out of people, and then they take themselves out of the slums.”

“The Lord works from the inside out. The world works from the outside in. The world would take people out of the slums. Christ takes the slums out of people, and then they take themselves out of the slums. The world would mold men by changing their environment. Christ changes men, who then change their environment. The world would shape human behavior, but Christ can change human nature.”

 Ezra Taft Benson

October 23, 2007

This Mormon Chic’s View On Salvation (and what I have learned!)

Is Salvation a gift or can it be earned?  This seems to be the question many Christians ask us Mormons.  I’m not sure really why this is a question because it has been answered a billion times.  So I’m going to give my view on Salvation, and what I have learned recently.  

I have been reading Romans, because a fellow blogger has asked me to do so.  I have been reading slowly,  just a few chapters at a time, and trying to soak it all in.  I have also been studying Romans with a study guide called;

“The Life and Teachings of Jesus and His Apostles” (course manual 211-212)

It begins with a little bit of history so we know where Paul is coming from


It had been more than twenty years since Paul had started on the road to what he thought would lead him only to Damascus but which, instead, began a far longer and more glorious journey. He had left Jerusalem that day seeing but blind; he had come to Damascus blind but seeing. When he had set out, he had in his hand the edict of the high priest: bind the followers of the way and bring them to the prisons of Jerusalem. When he had arrived, he had in his heart the edict of Christ: unbind the gentiles and bring them to the mansions of the heavenly Jerusalem. For more than seven thousand days now, the man from Tarsus had labored to fulfill that edict. He had crossed and recrossed eight or more provinces of the Roman empire. He had personally established a number of branches of the church. His converts must have numbered well into the thousands. He had been beaten, stoned, scourged, jailed, and shipwrecked and had endured hunger, thirst, cold, fatigue, rejection, insults, scorn, and desertion—and all this while afflicted with his own “thorn in the flesh.” Surely now he had done enough? Surely now he could return to Jerusalem and pass the baton on to younger hands?

But of course such would be unthinkable to Paul. With characteristic simplicity Luke reports, “After these things were ended, Paul purposed in the spirit . . . to go to Jerusalem, saying, After I have been there, I must also see Rome.” (Acts 19:21.) And so he had come to Corinth to spend the winter, waiting for safe sailing weather. It must have been a time of reflection and planning and concern. It was evidently during these months that reports arrived saying that Galatia was being ravaged by the onslaughts of the Judaizers. “True righteousness is based in the law of Moses,” they were saying, “Believing in Christ is all well and good, but you must not leave the foundation principles of circumcision, dietary law, and Levitical ritual.” They maligned Paul and his office, wooing many away from the teachings of the great apostle.

Paul had written to the churches in Galatia and sharply condemned the false teachings. “O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you?” he asked in sorrow. (Galatians 3:1.) It was shortly after this that the apostle wrote his letter to Rome, alerting the saints there of his intent to visit them. The reports from Rome were positive. The saints were believing, growing, testifying. But the concern for the growing threat of the false teachers must still have weighed heavily on his mind, for the book of Romans contains Paul’s powerful defense of true righteousness and his rejection of any system of salvation that is not based on faith in Jesus Christ.

How ironic that the letters to Rome and Galatia should be used in later centuries as the basis for the doctrine that works are unessential for salvation. Can you imagine the retort of the man who had been five times scourged of the Jews to those who would say that all you must do to be saved is confess with your mouth that Jesus is the Christ? Can you picture the response of the man who for two decades had devoted his life to good works to those who say that good works are not a requirement for salvation? But on the other hand, you must also recognize that Paul rejected the idea fostered by the Judaizers, namely, that man can achieve righteousness by his own efforts. The ideas are opposite ends of the grace and works continuum, but both are false. In order to find the true middle ground, let us now turn to a careful study of what Paul wrote to the saints in Rome. What is the proper relationship between our own works and the grace of God? If a man is justified by faith, just what does that mean? As you study this lesson and ponder such questions, remember Paul the man. Remember the experiences that had molded and shaped him as he sat in Corinth and wrote his letter to the saints in Rome.

Now we will look at what Paul is speaking of when he writes about works and grace,

(39-7) Romans 3:1–31. Man Must Be Justified by Grace

Since, as Paul says, all men sin, then no man can be justified (or restored to a proper relationship with God) by works alone. Some intervening power must bridge the gap. That power was provided by Jesus Christ. He lived the law perfectly, had no sin, and therefore never estranged himself from God. In addition, he sacrificed himself so that he could pay the debt of sin with his own holiness for all men who would come unto him. His grace becomes the source of their justification with God.

President Joseph Fielding Smith clearly pointed out the role of both grace and works in our salvation.

“There is a difference between the Lord Jesus Christ and the rest of mankind. We have no life in ourselves, for no power has been given unto us, to lay down our lives and take them again. That is beyond our power, and so, being subject to death, and being sinners—for we are all transgressors of the law to some extent, no matter how good we have tried to be—we are therefore unable in and of ourselves to receive redemption from our sins by any act of our own.

“This is the grace that Paul was teaching. Therefore, it is by the grace of Jesus Christ that we are saved. And had he not come into the world, and laid down his life that he might take it again, or as he said in another place, to give us life that we may have it more abundantly we would still be subject to death and be in our sins. . . .

“So it is easy to understand that we must accept the mission of Jesus Christ. We must believe that it is through his grace that we are saved, that he performed for us that labor which we were unable to perform for ourselves, and did for us those things which were essential to our salvation, which were beyond our power; and also that we are under the commandment and the necessity of performing the labors that are required of us as set forth in the commandments known as the gospel of Jesus Christ:” (Smith, Doctrines of Salvation, 2:309–11.)

Here is the link so you can read the entire thing if you wish!

So in conclusion, Mormons DO NOT believe you can earn Salvation.  It is a gift, it is by grace we are saved . 

Jesus Christ did not come to this earth only to die.  He came here to live and to teach us HOW to live and how to return to our Father in Heaven. 

If you think all you need to do to be saved is believe in Him then you are saying His life and teachings are pointless and mean nothing. 

He is our perfect example and we should do our best to follow Him!

We are saved by grace, after all we can do!

October 18, 2007

I BELIEVE IN CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know there are many out there who think Mormons don’t believe in Christ.  To you I say, I BELIEVE IN CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!  He saved me from my sins.  He freed me.  I love Him with all my heart and with all my soul!  My favorite hymn happens to be titled, I Believe in Christ!  I want to post the words to this song here.  When I hear it sung My soul fills with joy, when I read the words, my eyes fill with tears.  I love Him, He is My Savior, My friend.  I will live for Him and I would die for Him!

I Believe in Christ

31243, Hymns, I Believe in Christ, no. 134

1. I believe in Christ; he is my King!
With all my heart to him I’ll sing;
I’ll raise my voice in praise and joy,
In grand amens my tongue employ.
I believe in Christ; he is God’s Son.
On earth to dwell his soul did come.
He healed the sick; the dead he raised.
Good works were his; his name be praised.

2. I believe in Christ; oh blessed name!
As Mary’s Son he came to reign
’Mid mortal men, his earthly kin,
To save them from the woes of sin.
I believe in Christ, who marked the path,
Who did gain all his Father hath,
Who said to men: “Come, follow me,
That ye, my friends, with God may be.”

3. I believe in Christ—my Lord, my God!
My feet he plants on gospel sod.
I’ll worship him with all my might;
He is the source of truth and light.
I believe in Christ; he ransoms me.
From Satan’s grasp he sets me free,
And I shall live with joy and love
In his eternal courts above.

4. I believe in Christ; he stands supreme!
From him I’ll gain my fondest dream;
And while I strive through grief and pain,
His voice is heard: “Ye shall obtain.”
I believe in Christ; so come what may,
With him I’ll stand in that great day
When on this earth he comes again
To rule among the sons of men.

Text: Bruce R. McConkie, 1915–1985. © 1972 IRI

Music: John Longhurst, b. 1940. © 1985 IRI

2 Nephi 25:23, 26, 29

Mormon 7:5–7

October 15, 2007

Turning the other cheek

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 Here is a recent article I read regarding the folks who stand outside conference and scream “hellfire” at the LDS.

Mormons take the high road in dealing with conference protesters

By Paul Rolly

 “It’s too bad more national media attention isn’t focused on the so-called “street preachers” who trek to Salt Lake City twice a year to scream insults at the LDS faithful and their children who are committing the vile sin of walking to a church service.
    It’s particularly a shame the media don’t spend more time reporting that spectacle since presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s Mormon religion has been made into a major political issue by elements of the “traditional Christian” Republican hegemony.
    “Mainstream” Christians often say they wouldn’t vote for Romney because he belongs to a religion that is a cult.
    That’s always sounded a bit Oliver Cromwellian to me, but I’m just a pagan.
    Had there been national media exposure, however, “Christian” voters around the country would have seen those who claim to represent their view of religion acting the fool, hopping around, yelling at little kids that they are going to hell and whining about their constitutional rights being violated because they couldn’t stand on the sidewalk impeding the movement of Mormons walking to and from General Conference.
    They are allowed to stand on the grass with their signs, as well as the curbs and next to the cross-walks, as long as they don’t get in the way of the conference-goers.
    It was the Mormons, from what I could see last Sunday (I stood on the grass, too), who took the high road. They were the ones just practicing their constitutional right of quietly worshiping the way they choose. They were the ones doing their best to ignore harassment and insult, and not responding in kind.
    Salt Lake City attorneys have gone to great pains to develop a policy that protects the Mormon-baiters’ constitutional right of free speech, while making sure the Mormons’ right to practice their religion (which also is in the First Amendment) is not inhibited.
    Often, it is difficult to discern whether that fine line might have been crossed.
    The unsung heroes who should be commended here are the Salt Lake City police officers who draw the unenviable job of standing patrol during conference and keeping the peace between a deeply religious group of people attending a sacred event and a bunch of epithet-throwers intent on disparaging that group’s beliefs – in the name of Jesus.
    One protester was dressed in a cheap Halloween Satan outfit and was armed with a hand-held noise machine in case his bizarre appearance wasn’t enough to attract the attention he craved.
    Others waved sacred LDS temple garments in the faces of the worshipers as they walked to conference.
    I wonder what would happen if they decided to deface an image of the Mother Mary on a street corner in Belfast, or burn the Quran in Baghdad, or open a hot dog stand in Tel Aviv?
    There were only about 15 Bible-thumpers protesting LDS conference last week, so it’s unfair to paint the entire fundamentalist Christian movement with their brush. But they express in their own obnoxious way many of the sentiments that have been uttered by preachers in Christian churches around the country and among those God-fearing folks who answer pollsters’ questions about Mitt Romney.
    Remember the comments from Paige Patterson, president of the Southern Baptist Convention? He said he would try to save the Mormons from their path to hell when the Southern Baptists held their international conference in Salt Lake City in 1998.
    To me, it’s no coincidence that since the fundamentalist Christian Right has gained influence in the George W. Bush version of the national Republican Party we have become much more divided as a country.
    And the Mormons in this reddest of the red states are among the victims of the ensuing bigotry. ”

Well said! What a great article!  I’m hoping to get to conference next October with my family.  If these people scream at my kids I will do my best to take the “high road” But i’m not promising anything.  

This is why I have so much respect for members of the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.  They are such good examples of love and charity and turning the other cheek!!!!!!!!!!!

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